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Cameo Antique Wax Seal Necklace

Adrianna sealed the letter that told him she didn't love him with her portrait. It would be all he would ever have of her.

Product Information

Order antique wax seal pendant - cameo

ORIGINS: This pendant is made using a wax seal of unknown origin, bought at auction. The pendant is stamped with the cameo of a young lady. In ancient times cameos were mainly used for signet rings. Stone cameos of great artistry were made in Greece dating back as far as the 3rd century BC.  The technique has since enjoyed periodic revivals, notably in the early Renaissance, and again in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In Britain, this revival first occurred during King George III’s reign, and his granddaughter, Queen Victoria, was a major proponent of the cameo trend, to the extent that they would become mass produced by the second half of the 19th century.

MEANING: Cameos were given to lovers as keepsakes – something to remember them by.

PENDANT: This pendant is made out of fine silver (99.9% pure) or pure copper, and hand stamped with a wax seal with the portrait of a lady.

Each pendant is stamped, sanded, polished and oxidized for an antique look. Because they are hand-stamped individually and made to order, these pendants are truly unique, and no two pendants are the same (unlike silver pendants cast from a mold). The pendant is also available in copper.

DIMENSIONS: The pendant is approximately 1.25″ across horizontally, and 1.5″ across vertically.

CHAIN LENGTH: If you choose to purchase the pendant on a chain, the chain is sterling silver or pure copper, 16″ long.

ADDITIONS: Choose to add a fuchsia Swarovski crystal.