“Bee Silent” Antique Wax Seal Pendant

In the Victorian era, ladies would seal the letters they sent to lovers and friends with wax seals that depicted various different sentiments..

Product Information

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ORIGINS: This pendant is made using an antique Victorian “seal wheel” dating back to the late 1700’s, early 1800’s. Whimsical seals that conveyed the sentiments of the sender were popular with the ladies of the Victorian era, who would have these wheels with various sentiments to choose from. This antique may have sealed marriage proposals, words of comfort to a dear friend…

MEANING: Representing the virtue of silence, the rebus meaning “be silent” with the bee is a reminder that silence is golden. Be silent, or think before you speak.

PENDANT: This pendant is made out of fine silver (99.9% pure), and hand stamped with an antique Victorian wax seal of a bee, with the word “silent” written below.

Each pendant is stamped, sanded, polished and oxidized for an antique look. Because they are hand-stamped individually and made to order, these pendants are truly unique, and no two pendants are the same (unlike silver pendants cast from a mold). The pendant is also available in copper.

DIMENSIONS: The pendant is slightly larger than 1/2″ across.

CHAIN LENGTH: If you choose to purchase the pendant on a chain, the chain is sterling silver or pure copper, 16″ long.