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“GC” Antique Wax Seal Monogram Pendant

George Charworth wasn't the most popular man, he kept to himself for the most part. But with her, he was different. He wrote her letters telling of his hopes and dreams. With her he was free.

Product Information

Order "GC" Antique Wax Seal Pendant

ORIGINS: This pendant is made using an antique monogram wax seal of unknown origin acquired at an estate sale. The letters on the monogram are “G” “C”.

MEANING: Monograms first appeared on coins, as early as 350BC. The earliest known examples are of the names of Greek cities who issued the coins, often the first two letters of the city’s name. For example, the monogram of Achaea consisted of the letters alpha (Α) and chi (Χ) joined together.

Monograms have been used as signatures by artists and craftsmen on paintings, sculptures and pieces of furniture, especially when guilds enforced measures against unauthorized participation in the trade. A famous example of a monogram serving as an artist’s signature is the “AD” used byAlbrecht Dürer.

PENDANT: This pendant is made out of fine silver (99.9% pure), and hand stamped with an antique wax seal monogram with the letters “GC” in flourish script.

Each pendant is stamped, sanded, polished and oxidized for an antique look. Because they are hand-stamped individually and made to order, these pendants are truly unique, and no two pendants are the same (unlike silver pendants cast from a mold). The pendant is also available in copper.

DIMENSIONS: The pendant is approximately 1″x1″.

CHAIN LENGTH: If you choose to purchase the pendant on a chain, the chain is sterling silver or pure copper, 16″ long.