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Social Responsibility

Pieces of II is committed to socially responsible business practices that involve minimizing our eco-footprint, supporting local businesses in preference to those overseas and incorporating¬†as much eco-friendly materials into our business as possible. Here’s just some of the stuff that’s really important to us:

Our Precious Metals are Reclaimed:

  • We work with reclaimed fine silver (99.9% pure), reclaimed pure copper and reclaimed pure bronze.

Our hardware accents are recycled vintage or antique:

  • We visit our local scrap yards, estate sales, antique stores and junkyards in search of the metal hardware and ornaments that we use on our bags. All our keys are antique and would otherwise be case aside out of redundancy- we don’t use reproductions! We believe in keeping metal out of the landfill by making it into a functional piece of art.

Our packaging is made from 100% recycled paper:

  • Our business cards, flyers, packaging and even mailing envelopes are all made with Kraft paper, which is 100% recycled, and made in North America from at least 50% post-consumer waste.
  • Our printers use only vegetable and soy-based inks and dyes which are less harmful to the environment than their petroleum counterparts
  • We print locally in Vancouver as much as possible, and when we need to go further afield, we print on the West Coast (California) to minimize our carbon footprint (and our printer is a certified B Corp, along with a whole host of other environmental certifications and audit checks)
  • We use padded mailers instead of bubble mailers. Bubble mailers may be made with recycled paper, but they have plastic (bubble wrap) making them difficult to recycle. Padded mailers can easily be recycled because they are padded with recycled newspaper fibers.
  • Our website and domain is hosted by a Canadian company.

We are involved in local, charitable causes:

  • ¬†We’re so lucky to have such socially conscious and engaged customers! Rather than us choosing the charitable causes with which to align our brand, we let our customers, who are the lifeblood of our company do the choosing. Whenever we can, we donate to the causes they are passionate about.

We hug trees:

  • Well, not as often as we’d like. But we do shop at the local farmer’s market as much as possible, opt for organic, local produce whenever possible, try to avoid purchasing any plastics, limit the use of our vehicles, and plant our own fruits and vegetables (here’s a pic of Victoria’s prize tomatoes)
  • We share our studio space, tools and general awesomeness with two other very cool businesses.
  • We even launched an event in our local community that’s all about reducing the amount of wasted, discarded clothing. It’s a giant clothing ‘re-sale’ that keeps clothes out of the landfills and encourages people to look at all they have. Check it out – ReFashion Vancouver


Is there something else you think we could be doing? Let us know.